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Our customer service team is available during the following business hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8am-5pm & 7pm-4am (EST)

Friday: 8am-5pm (EST)  / Sunday: 7pm-4am(EST)
Break: 12pm-1pm & 10:30pm-11:30pm (EST)
Closed on Saturday & Holidays

* Click here to use the time zone converter.


Toll Free:

How to order

■ Please refer to the order process as below

Step 1 : Search for item(s). 

Step 2 : Add item(s) to your shopping cart. 

Step 3 : Log in with a member ID or non-member order. 

Step 4 : Fill in the order form. 

Step 5 : Proceed with payment. 

Step 6 : Complete the order and check the order number.

■ Contact us for more information

Email Us :

Operating Hours :

   Monday to Friday : 9am - 6pm / 10pm-7am(GMT+9H)

   Lunch Break : 12:30pm - 13:30pm / 2am - 3am(GMT+9H) 

   ※ Closed on Sat, Sun & Holidays


■ We accept the following forms of payment

◎Credit Card

    • Visa

    • MasterCard

    • JCB

◎ PayPal

◎ UnionPay

◎ Alipay

◎ E-money

◎ Reward Points

※Please understand that there may be changes in price due to exchange rate.

The final purchase amount is fixed at the exchange rate that was reflected at the time of payment.

No further payment or difference will be charged or refunded due to changes in exchange rate after purchase.

  • ■ Shipping Rates & Delivery

    Below are the delivery methods available with estimated arrival time and cost.





    - Item Preparation Time (for in-stock items): Around 7-10 business days after payment

    - Delivery Time (excluding customs clearance): Around 3-8 business days after dispatch

    - Shipping Courier: Available after dispatch

    - Method of Shipment: Air parcel

    - Tracking : Available

    ■ General Shipping Policy

    1) Some shipping couriers may not be available for certain areas. More information is provided on our Guide > Shipping page or during checkout.
    2) The delivery time provided is an average estimate excluding preparation time and customs clearance.
    3) Delivery time may vary depending on the shipment and customs clearance situation.
    4) The best matching shipping courier is selected in real time to provide the most secure and fastest delivery service. Please note that for this reason, we cannot provide the name of courier prior to shipment.
    5) All shipping couriers provide real-time tracking updates.
    6) All shipping couriers ship via air.

    ■ Customs and Duties

    The recipient is responsible for all/any import duties and taxes which may occur during international shipments.

    Please be advised that these charges are levied by the destination country and we do not have control over them.

    If you are charged customs fees even after proving that your items are for personal use, and your purchase amount meets the criteria below,

    you will be compensated via Reward Points.

    *Purchase amount: Original price of item(s) before any discounts/coupons/reward points are applied

    Please provide proof of payment via Contact US or E-mail after customs are cleared.

    *Approved only if request is made within 14 days of delivery.

    CountryCriteria for Customs Compensation
    U.S.ATotal purchase amount under the recipient's name is below US$800 (Based on order date)
    AustraliaPurchase amount is below US$700
    TaiwanRecipient is not responsible for customs clearance
    SingaporePurchase amount is below US$280
    MalaysiaPurchase amount is below US$115
    Macao[Duty-free zone] All customs charges that still occur are eligible for compensation
    Hong Kong[Duty-free zone] All customs charges that still occur are eligible for compensation
    New ZealandPurchase amount is below US$250

    ■ Track Orders

    Once your order is shipped out, you will receive an email regarding tracking information.

    You can also find information on your shipment at My Account > My Orders.

    ■ For Product Returns due to Reasons Caused by the Customer

    Any product returns due to reasons caused by the customer which includes but not limited to: incorrect shipping address, unidentifiable recipient, unpaid taxes and duties and etc.

    - The returned product will not be re-shipped.

    - The customer is responsible for all/any relevant expenses during The return process such as round-trip shipping, customs and etc. This will be done by either deduction from refunds or extra charges.

    (1) Process for refund requests

    Once the parcel returns, refund will be issued after subtracting all fees and expenses.

    Price will vary depending on shipping methods from the returned product.

    For other countries where are non EMS service regions, refund will be issued in accordance with the EMS Premium Service.

    (2) For re-delivery requests

    There are NO re-deliveries.

■ Return Policy

- Item(s) must be returned unworn, undamaged, unwashed and with all tags/labels attached including free gifts and any packaging.

- For returns due to reasons caused by customer, including wrong address, refusal to pay customs, etc.,

  item will not be re-shipped. Relevant expenses (round-trip shipping, customs, etc.) will be deducted from the refund.

- All return due to Change of mind must be sent via EMS service.

- For returns due to reasons caused by store, including wrong shipment, defective items, etc., relevant expenses will be paid by store.

Return Process

1. Make a return request to Customer Service within 7 days of receiving the item. Otherwise, your return will not be accepted.

   For missing item(s), contact Customer Service immediately within 1 day.

2. After the return request has been made, our Customer Service team will contact and guide you through.

3. Securely repack the item(s) you wish to return to prevent damage in transit, then mail the package via EMS to the return address provided by Customer Service.

   (Please make sure to include your order number, name, and e-mail address.)

4. After shipping, notify Customer Service with the relevant information.

5. Your refund will be issued after we have received and examined your item(s).

Case Eligible for Return/Exchange and Cancellation available

1. Order cancellation or change before shipment

   A. Order Cancellation and Change

      i. You can cancel your order or make changes to items/shipping information before shipment.

     ii. Changes can only be processed when your order is in ‘Before Shipment’ status (Preparing Shipment).

          Changes or cancellations require confirmation from Customer Service. Contact us immediately via email.

    iii. You may only change the option of the same item you ordered. Exchange for a different item is not accepted.

    iv. If your order status is not in ‘Before Shipment’ (Preparing Shipment), it means your order has already been packed and sent out,

       so we cannot process the cancellation or change.

   B. When the ordered item is out of stock

     i. We are running a pre-order system where items are stocked as orders are placed.

    ii. Please be advised that stock availability may change depending on when you purchase the items,

       so there might be sold-out items in your order.

   iii. Sold-out items will be cancelled and refunded via your original payment method, and the rest of your items will ship when the order is ready.

       We kindly ask for your consideration on this matter.

2. Regarding return cost

   A. Return due to change of mind

        i. If your order has met the free shipping requirement

             1) You will be responsible for both initial and return shipping fees, if you return your entire order.

             2) You will be responsible for both initial and return shipping fees,

                  if you return part of your order and the rest of your order amount does not meet the free shipping requirement.

             3) You will be responsible for return shipping fee only, if you return part of your order

                 and the rest of your order amount still meets the free shipping requirement.

        ii. If your order did not meet the free shipping requirement,

            you will be responsible for the return shipping fee.

        iii. Exchanges after shipment are not accepted.

   B. Return due to defective items or wrong delivery

          i. Relevant costs will be responsible by store. For return shipping fee, customer must send

             a photo copy of the return shipment receipt to Customer Service for reimbursement.

         ii. Once item is returned, we will proceed with the refund for returned item(s) and return shipping fee.

        iii. Exchanges after shipment are not accepted.

Case Not Eligible for Return

1. Return request made 7 days after the delivered date.

2. Return sent without any prior request to Customer Service.

3. Traces of use on the returned item(s)

   A. Damaged or missing label/tag

   B. Scent or any form of contamination

   C. Washed or repaired

4. Item(s) made with delicate materials that can be easily contaminated, distorted or damaged

   A. Knit and silk type material

   B. Item(s) with beads and sequins

   C. Payment made using reward points (return is accepted if store is at fault)

   D. Leather and wool products


- It may take 3-5 business days to issue a refund for a returned or cancelled order.
- Please be advised that your refund may not be issued until the next billing month depending on your credit card issuer's billing schedule.
- Refund on returns will be processed after examination of returned products

Reward Points

■ Reward Point Rules

- 1 Reward Point is worth $1

- To earn reward points, register as a member.

- To make payment with reward points, your order amount must be at least $1 or more, with a minimum of 0.5 reward points spent.

- Reward points issued before December 31st will expire on February 1st of the following year. Reward points will also automatically expire for closed accounts.

- Reward Points cannot be redeemed for cash nor transferred to another individual.

- For deactivated members who don't log in their account within 1 year, earned reward points will be expired on the last day of every month.

■ Reviews

If you write a review for each product you purchase, we will credit you in reward points.


$1 Point : Text review only per 1 item

$2 Points : Text and Photo review per 1 item

* To confirm your identity, register and sign in before writing your review.

* 1 Point can be used as $1.

* Points will be issued once your review is verified by staff.

* To earn your reward credits, you have to join a membership.

* If the attached photo doesn’t show you are putting on the product or using it, the review points will be issued as Text review.

* Review post is available to write within 30 days after order updated as 'delivered', and review point is also available to issue in this period only.

■ Membership Level


Accumulated order amount : $1~$150

Reward point rate : 1%

Special Offer : 10% off Birthday Coupon


Accumulated order amount : $150~$1000

Reward point rate : 2%

Special Offer : 10% off Birthday Coupon

3) VIP

Accumulated order amount : $1000~$2500

Reward point rate : 3%

Special Offer : 10% off Birthday Coupon


Accumulated order amount : $2500~

Reward point rate : 5%

Special Offer : 10% off Birthday Coupon

                   5% off Discount Coupon every month

※  Membership levels will be reset every 6 months on the first working day of January and July based on the total amount purchased during the previous period.

※  Birthday coupon will be automatically issued to your account 3 days before your birthday and will be valid for 7 days from the date of issue.

※  5% discount coupon for SVIP members will be automatically issued at the beginning of every month and must be used within the issued month.

For further inquiries, please contact Customer Service via email.

※The reward points and coupons used for an order will not be returned when the order is cancelled or refunded.

■ E-money

※ About E-money

 - [E-money] is online money refunded as store credit for cancelled orders.

 - You can get a refund via E-money. To receive your refund via E-money, please contact Customer Service.

 - Refunds can be issued in E-money for the following cases: failure to refund in original payment method, reimbursement for return shipping (for wrong orders or defective items), payment gateway errors

※ Difference between Reward Points and E-money

  - Reward Points : The beneficial mileage earned by item purchase or the participation in event/promotion

   - E-money : Online money equivalent to cash

※ E-money Guide

 - You can use E-money to purchase items. $1 in E-money has the same value as $1 in cash.

 - Only members are eligible for E-money. You can check your E-money history in My Page after signing in.

 - E-money can be used along with reward points or discount coupons in your account.

 - There are no limits to using E-money as a payment method.

 - There is no expiry date for refunded E-money.

※ E-money for closed accounts

 - You can close your account in My Page.

 - Once you close your account, all earned Reward Points will expire. However, E-money can be refunded via PayPal if you contact us beforehand.

 - You can check the remaining balance of Reward Points and E-money before closing your account. Please contact Customer Service if you have any E-money left in your account.

 - If you close your account without prior notice, your remaining E-money balance will automatically expire.



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